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About Me

Hello, Bonjour! Julie Ayotte here. “Ay” rhymes with “Hey!” and “yacht” like the seagoing vessel. I now call Northern Virginia my second home though I’m originally from Gatineau, Quebec, Canada. With a lifelong passion for Voice Acting, I draw inspiration from the many voices in commercials, radio and movie trailers we’ve all enjoyed through the years. What sets ME apart from others in my profession is my fluency in both English and French, allowing me to perform voice overs in either language. This makes me a valuable asset for single-language AND bilingual projects. With a background in IT, I am well-suited for narrations or e-learning courses. My clients have shared that my professionalism, easy-going personality, and ability to follow directions make me a joy to work with. In my free time, I enjoy outdoor activities like biking, running, and swimming, which I find especially enjoyable when traveling. Speaking of travel, it’s one of my favorite things to do. Additionally, I love connecting with new people and learning about their unique experiences and perspectives. Building relationships and fostering connections is important to my personal growth, development and the way I conduct my voice over business.

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